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Back on Jekyll

I’m back on Jekyll.

2022 is fast approaching its terminus. In professional settings the year end brings performance evaluation. Most people I talk to dislike it. I find them annoying but it’s good to look back and reflect. I am starting to do this. Today, my focus was on my tech stack. To be more specific, it is on my virtual footprint: servers I manage and services I pay for.

My footprint is not large but I am paying for more than I need. I created this blog on Blot. It is a cool platform. It can turn lots of documents into beautiful blog posts. It turns any folder on Dropbox, Git, or Google Drive into a blog. I had a lot of fun creating the Stop Making Sense and Swiss Army Man posts.

Despite that, as of today I’m back on Jekyll on my own web server. The story of why isn’t complex. I like a lot, but with Jekyll I am able to publish the static content on an existing server. My blog will never drive a lot of traffic. It doesn’t need many resources. It also puts the management of my domain better under my control. It is now consistent with my other web properties.