Hello, my name is Ryan Malesevich.

I’ve worked professionally for over 14 years as a developer, as an analyst, as a data engineer, as a team lead and as a product owner. Throughout my career I’ve always been passionate in how insights found through data assets can solve real problems.

As a follower of the quantified self phenomenon I have translated my professional skills into my personal life. I’ve seen first hand how I’ve improved my productivity, my physical health and my mental health by tracking and analyzing my data. For instance I’ve learned that sleep is one of the largest factors to how my day will go. Based on that insight I’ve designed routine that will give me the best chance to optimize that.

I’ve an avid runner. Since 2007:

  • I’ve run over 10,000 miles
  • 2,000 of those were during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • My marathon personal best is: 3:29:05, which I did at the Chicago Marathon in 2012
  • I once ran a half-marathon and a full marathon on a 450 meter track on one crazy weekend in January 2014

I also really enjoy popular culture, especially movies, TV shows, games and books.

Outside of work and my hobbies, my time is occupied by my lovely wife and our two Blue Healer dogs - Tess and Ripley (pictured above with me).