I launched Exist Integrations on July 16th. Since the post on the Exist Developer forums I have been happy with its trajectory and progress.

The genesis of Exist Integrations was almost two years before its launch. It was a hacked together script that took Trakt TV watching history to Exist. It only worked for my account. Not exactly a service that I could offer to the world. I registered the domain on October 25, 2020. Initial development was slow as I had to learn a lot of new technologies.

The gap between registration and launch is also due to my confidence in the service. It takes a lot to release something out to the world. There were no goals when I did launch. I was going to continue to use it but I didn’t say I need X adoption by Y date. If one person found value besides me I’d be happy. As of today there are 35 users that started the onboarding. 18 of those users completed the step to link to Exist and at least one other service. That floors me.

I was looking back at the site and all I could think about was what I could do. Things to improve. Things to add. Things to remove. Then I started to reflect on the last few months. It was a lot. It put things into perspective and left me excited for the future.

I will be posting this status report quarterly going forward. It is a perfect checkpoint of progress and changes. It will also be great to serve as a running change log.

Timeline of new features:

  • July 5 - added WhatPulse integration
  • July 15 - Site Status report email for daily monitoring
  • July 16 - launched Exist Integrations with Trakt and WhatPulse integrations
  • July 20 - moved the public roadmap to changemap
  • July 22 - finished Toggl Track integration
  • September 29 - launched Home v2 with a brand new user experience

Time spent working on the site: (started tracking on 9/12):

  • Feature Work:
    • Home v2: 5:03:42
    • Instapaper Integration: 1:09:33
  • Bugs and Support: 0:57:09

I started to record my time towards Exist Integrations on September 12th. Going forward future Status Reports will have complete time metrics.

Looking ahead to Q4 there are some behind the scenes improvements I want to do. I’m also planning to continue on the Instapaper integration. It’s proving more difficult than other integrations.

About Exist Integrations

Exist is a web service that collects data from different sources. Users can see their data with automatic insights and correlations. Exist Integrations is a site that connects more services to Exist.

Supported services:

  • Trakt.tv - records what TV and Movies you watch. The integration aggregates total time to Exist.
  • WhatPulse - a small application that tracks your keystrokes, mouse clicks and more. The integration aggregates your keystrokes to Exist.
  • Toggl Track - time tracking! The integration you configure by your projects to one of six different Exist attributes (Gaming, TV Watching, Productive, Neutral, Distracting and Pomodoros)

Stay up-to-date on the roadmap on changemap.

Exist Integrations is free for all Exist users. Exist costs $6/month or $57/year.