I have not been thrilled with the home/dashboard view of Exist Integrations. It was put together as an after thought and worked pretty well when only one integration existed. Once WhatPulse and Toggl Track were added the utility of the UI was badly diminished.

I’m excited to show a sneak peak of the new dashboard view. It’s still being tweaked but the expectation is that the new view will go live for all existing users by the end of September. The old view will still be able to be accessed for a short time afterwards but in the interest of cleaning up some of the bad code it won’t be permanently available.

Before showing screenshots it’s important to outline what didn’t work in the old design:

  • Only 21 days of information was ever available
  • It was impossible to directly access a particular service, attribute or day
  • You couldn’t see the values sent to Exist at a glance

I drew up a few options and I settled on building out a dashboard view similar to how our beloved Exist displays data:

Exist Integrations Dashboard View

It’s using Charts.css to show the last 30 days of data for each service and attribute linked to your Exist account. The column charts are relative to the amount of time sent to Exist. The y-axis is determined by the maximum value of the 30 days shown.

At the top left portion of the page will display the reference date. It defaults to today but you can use the arrows to move backwards or forwards. These will generate an easy to understand URL scheme by appending the date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

The nice thing about the charts is you can hover over them to see the totals:

Exist Integrations Chart Hover State

The number is a hyperlink to the detailed log view:

Exist Integrations Detailed Log View

As a reminder Exist Integrations is a free service that I’ve built and maintain that expands the number of data points that integrate with Exist, a service that collects data for analysis and correlation discovery. I adore the site and Exist Integrations is a labor of love. I’d love for you to give both a try!

If you have suggestions on what else can be done, please utilize its open roadmap on Changemap.