Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m putting out to the world. Outside of work there really wasn’t a lot. I don’t tweet much. My blog could have had a virtual tumbleweed blowing across it. I do continue to work on behind the scenes updates to Exist Integrations but I never feel inclined to write about it.

I should have realized my mistake. It was a mistake to develop the website and blog from the ground-up. Laravel is a great framework and I’m using it with Exist Integrations but it required too much work to make any updates to this blog.

A few days ago I made the decision to migrate to a Jekyll static site generator. I really like the idea of writing posts with a markdown file - something I’ve been getting very familiar in with Obsidian. I also really like the idea of the blog assets being generated and loaded to my web server. Blogs don’t need to be dynamically served via a database layer.

The site has been fully transitioned. I’ve written a few things that will be posted here. I’m very excited to have a frictionless way to get my content out into the world.