July has been a busy month for my work on Exist Integrations:

I’m not done! Today I’m excited to announce that an integration to Toggl Track is live.

Exist offers their own integration with Toggl Track. This integration offers more flexibility to control how Exist receives your data. This first version of the integration is project-based. After you enter your API key into your Exist Integration account you set up your projects. You link one of six Exist attributes to the projects you want. If you don’t want to send time entries for one project to Exist you can ignore the project.

The six attributes that Exist Integrations supports are:

  • Time gaming
  • Time in pomodoros
  • Productive time
  • Neutral time
  • Distracting time
  • Time watching TV

I can do more with giving more control to users of Toggl Track. For the initial version integrations cover my use case and low-hanging fruit. If you have suggestions for how you’d like the integration customized reach out! You can use the Contact form or the Changemap.