Repetitive strain injuries suck. I have been living with pain in my left wrist for years. I’ve been experimenting with new keyboards, posture and other things for a while. The major pain has subsided. The problem is not solved though.

I know where the injury came from. It’s from living on my computer since I was a teenager. Working on computers all day has exacerbated the injury. Back in May I re-signed up for a service I had used in the past called WhatPulse. WhatPulse runs on your computer and records keystrokes and mouse clicks. It sounds sketchy but I trust the service so do others.

The data is nice on its own but it becomes useful when it’s integrated with my Exist dashboard. My hypothesis is that heavy keyboard usage is an indicator of future wrist pain.

There is no first-party integration between WhatPulse and Exist. I did create a website that solves this problem: Exist Integrations. I spent the weekend working on the integration. I am thrilled to announce that the WhatPulse integration to Exist is live and ready to use!

After signing up linking to WhatPulse is simple. Go to the Manage Account page. Enter your WhatPulse account name and then ‘Connect to WhatPulse.’

The integration runs hourly at 10 minutes passed. New pulses get sent to Exist under the Productivity - Keystrokes attribute.

One special note is that the integration takes the pulse date as the Exist date. If you don’t pulse daily the keystrokes won’t tie back to the date you typed them into your computer. This is a limitation to the WhatPulse API. I’ve set it so that each of my computer will pulse each day at the end of the day.

If you’d like to talk about the integration please Contact me.